Your trusted partner in clinical diagnostics solutions

Your trusted partner in clinical diagnostics solutions


Welcome to the Health Diagnostics and Research Institute

Health Diagnostics and Research Institute (HDRI), formerly Vitamin Diagnostics, is a CAP-accredited, CLIA-registered, and New Jersey-licensed diagnostic and research laboratory offering an extensive repertoire of specialty analysis to serve the mainstream, alternative, and preventive medical community. HDRI is committed to providing cutting-edge diagnostic services that encompass a wide range of health markers, including but not limited to  neurotransmitters,  methylation pathway, micro nutrients,  environmental pollutants and toxins and other biomarkers. With a focus on advanced testing methodologies, HDRI aims to contribute to the understanding and promotion of health and wellness in both traditional and integrative medicine.

Specialty Tests For

Nagalase Test
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Nagalase Testing Lab
  • Lyme disease
Nagalase Test USA
  • Autism
Methylation Test
  • Oxidative stress
Health Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Cardiovascular Disorder
Medical Lab Testing
  • Nutritional Status
SULFUR Metabolism
  • Food Allergy
Nitrotyrosine Test
  • Metabolic Dysfunction
Nitric Oxide Testing
  • Environmental pollutants
Heavy Metals in Blood
  • Customized panels upon request

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